Patrol and Alarm Services

Monument Security provides a security presence and guaranteed response, supported by Field Supervision and a 24-hour Command Center, when full time on-site security is not part of your

Many situations do not exhibit the need for full time security coverage. Many organizations do
not have the financial resources to employ full time security. However, most organizations desire
a security presence on a pro-active basis, a company to provide Alarm Response, and immediate access to a security company in times of crisis.

Security Guard Patrol

Monument Security’s Patrol Service provides these value-added services, and is a very practical and cost-effective option to on-site security. Our
Patrol Officers provide a highly visible security presence to deter crimes and criminal activity. Our officers can provide external vehicle patrols and internal inspections on your premises.

Services provided include:

• Facility Lock Up and Unlock services

• Personnel Escort

• Safety Checks

• Alarm Response:
With Monument Security’s Alarm Response Service our officers receive notification from your alarm company when an alarm is activated. Our officers will respond to alarm activations, keeping you and your personnel out of dangerous situations that can arise from responding
to alarms in the middle of the night, or during other hours when your facility is closed.

Our 24 hour Command Center will receive the call from your alarm company and dispatch Monument Security patrol personnel to your facility.
We are the first responders to alarm activation, providing notification to police and your designated personnel after performing the initial site
inspection. Monument Security’s Alarm Response Service is a very cost effective alternative to police or fire department response. Our service minimizes your risk, offers you peace of mind knowing that trained professionals will respond to alarms and problems at your facility.

Reports of each inspection detailing any noteworthy events our officers encountered while performing their inspections.

An added-value of utilizing our Patrol Service is the comfort of knowing you have a “Security Officer on retainer”. When a problem situation
arises, you won’t have to make many calls to a number of security companies to have an officer respond to your site when they can, perhaps after
a lengthy delay. When you need immediate coverage, you have the convenience of making one call to Monument Security. We will provide security officers upon request, for short or long-term needs. This allows you to quickly focus on correcting your problem by having our officers protect your problem area(s).

Security guard at guard shack Security guard checking car

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