Civil Demand & Recovery

Civil demand and recovery

Many states have statutes which permit retailers to receive financial compensation
from persons caught shoplifting from them. These funds can go a long way to funding
your Loss Prevention Efforts. In California Penal Code 490.5 permits a merchant to
recover $50 and $500, plus costs, plus the value of the item stolen if it has not been
recovered in its original condition. The parent(s) of a minor may be sued if the crime
is committed by an un-emancipated minor. An action to recover damages under this
section may be brought in small claims or traditional civil court.

Monument Security, Inc Offers Civil Demand Recovery Services for a small percentage
of the recovered funds. If we don’t collect, you don’t pay. Monument Security employs
professional licensed private investigators and skip tracers to collect your restitution for
you. Our Restitution services are available nationwide.

Contact us to discuss your state’s statutes for civil demand recovery.

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