Investigative Services

Today more than ever, companies face countless drains to profit and productivity. Monument Security and Investigations has an extensive range of Investigative Services to detect and prevent concerns that can arise within your workplace. Our Investigative Services personnel are trained
to perform an in-depth initial consultation with you, determine the challenges you are facing, and develop an action plan which will identify the root causes of your concerns.

Capabilities include:

Investigation security guard

• Undercover Investigations: Theft of product and services, workforce internal problems such as time theft, drug/alcohol abuse, sabotage, and
subversive activities are examples of situations our undercover operatives are trained to identify. Once issues are identified, we will consult with
you on the most effective remedies for the situations we identify.

• Pre-Employment Services: We provide a full range of services to assist you in making informed hiring decisions. We provide criminal
screening, drug screening, work history, education verification, residential history, credit checks, and public records search when warranted.

• Surveillance: Worker’s Compensation and Disability fraud is a critical and costly concern for most corporations. Our surveillance experts
can assist you by investigating suspected fraudulent claims.

• Civil Restitution and Collection: In cases of both employee and patron theft, Monument Security and Investigations will provide all necessary
services to assist you in the civil restitution process, up to state allowable limits. We function as your collection agent to aid you in the recovery
of your losses.

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"We very much appreciate the services provided, and especially your responsiveness to our needs. You have more than lived up to the standards set at the beginning of our contractual relationship."
--Vic H. , Insurance Co.
Manager of Business Continuity Programs