Integrity & Consumer Service (Mystery Shops)

Security services assessment

Identifying Opportunities. Diminishing Risk.

Legal compliance and Operational excellence has never been more important. Meaningful Auditing and feedback is the most essential tool that any business could use to protect and improve their brand. A quality operational compliance program is an essential element in creating a well-rounded risk analysis program for any business. Internal auditing can be a useful tool but is often skewed with bias and agendas within the organization. Using a Shopping Service ensures impartiality and increases confidence in the audit results allowing you to act on quality accurate  information.

There are many ways to conduct empirical non-biased Mystery Shops. We work with your company to determine individual areas of concern and how to properly audit
them in your environment.


Mystery Shop & Audit Services:

  • On-Site Mystery Shops
  • Compliance Audits
  • Integrity Shops
  • Telephone Mystery Shops
  • Alarm Audits
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Decoy
  • Undercover Employees (UC’s)

If you are considering implementing a Mystery Shopping program we are always available free of charge to discuss your needs and
recommend proven, efficient and cost effective services.

Our Auditors supply you with well written detailed reports and utilize the latest in audio, video and text technology available to gather
and transmit to you any type of documentation you may need.

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Security services assessment


"We very much appreciate the services provided, and especially your responsiveness to our needs. You have more than lived up to the standards set at the beginning of our contractual relationship."
--Vic H. , Insurance Co.
Manager of Business Continuity Programs