Security Assessment and Consulting

Security services assessmentWe can help bridge the gap for you

Our experienced Dispatchers provide continuity and record keeping for any Police, Fire and
EMS services our employees are involved in- especially for any serious site issue resulting
from arrests, criminal incidents, injuries, natural hazard, fire or damage occurring on your
facilities or relating to your employees.

Did you know that statistically one in every ten employees steal from their employer?

This is not a statistic that business owners should take lightly. We have multiple means of
stopping this problem; such as the use of our undercover investigators and or covert cameras,
listening devices and tagged products. Put us to work for you and you will be glad you did -

Start preventing loss today through the use of our secret shoppers or undercover employees.

Our loss prevention department has investigators experienced in undercover secret shopper situations. We provide secret shoppers that use proven
techniques to catch dishonest employees, allowing you to take the appropriate actions. With the use of our undercover operatives, we can also work
as newly hired employees inside your organization in order to ascertain vital information regarding theft of products and materials, alcohol/drug abuse,
trafficking, sabotage, unlawful labor practices, time clock cheating, subversive activities, employer/employee relations, disgruntled employees, and
many other infractions. Hire Monument Security and let us prevent further losses to your company.

How can you supply us with proof of your findings?

After investigating your business, we provide you with a detailed report outlining the areas that need improvement, the occurrences of theft, and a
game plan to protect yourself in the future. We list rectifications of these issues along with technical information to have a theft free environment
through added security measures and devices.

Security Surveys - your security assessment

These surveys evaluate the mechanical and electronic measures that aid in the protection of assets under your control. Features such as lighting,
locking devices, access systems; CCTV systems and barriers are rated on effectiveness. This survey, in conjunction with a Threat Analysis, can
tell you what you need, and if you need it.

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"We very much appreciate the services provided, and especially your responsiveness to our needs. You have more than lived up to the standards set at the beginning of our contractual relationship."
--Vic H. , Insurance Co.
Manager of Business Continuity Programs