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Monument Security is committed to the highest standards of excellence. The goal
of the Loss Prevention Department is to utilize education, technology and skill to eliminate loss. Our Loss Prevention agents are required to act in a professional manner at all times. Even when working in an undercover capacity our agents are required to follow our company policies as well as our clients company policies at
all times. We strive to hire only experienced Loss Prevention Agents and supplement their experience with an intensive training program which includes both sales floor and classroom training.

Our Loss Prevention Staff has varied and diverse backgrounds which, along with their experience, allow us to offer you a wide range of services. Services can be customized to your individual needs and may include any or all of the following;


A critical piece of a well rounded Loss Prevention Program in a retail setting is shoplifter apprehension. Research has shown that around 35% of all retail losses is caused by external theft (Dr. Hollinger, Criminology Dept. University of Florida). Well trained and properly scheduled Loss Prevention Agents can have a significant impact in reducing losses in high shrink locations. Our Loss Prevention Agents are trained in the apprehension of both opportunistic and organized shoplifters. With a strong focus on identifying Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Cases, our agents will work with your Investigators and communicate with your store leadership to develop a comprehensive response to each locations individual high theft items. Our agents are taught that their job is just beginning when the shoplifter is apprehended. Every effort is made to develop information from detained shoplifters on why they selected your location to steal from. How and how often they have stolen from you. If they are working with others and what they are doing with the product they have stolen from you. All of this information is used to communicate with you on how best to reduce losses at your location(s). Most states also allow for civil restitution from persons apprehended for shoplifting. In California you may collect up to $500 per incident from persons detained for shoplifting.


Many states have statutes which permit retailers to receive financial compensation from persons caught shoplifting from them. These funds can go a long way to funding your Loss Prevention Efforts. In California Penal Code 490.5 permits a merchant to recover $50 and $500, plus costs, plus the value of the item stolen if it has not been recovered in its original condition. The parent(s) of a minor may be sued if the crime is committed by an un-emancipated minor. An action to recover damages under this section may be brought in small claims or traditional civil court. Monument Security, Inc Offers Civil Demand Recovery Services for a small percentage of the recovered funds. If we don’t collect, you don’t pay. Monument Security employs professional licensed private investigators and skip tracers to collect your restitution for you. Our Restitution services are available nationwide. Contact us to discuss your state’s statutes for civil demand recovery.


Employee TheftEmployee Theft Detection Statistics are staggering. In 2009 the United States Chamber of Commerce estimated 75% of all employees steal from work in some way and 30% of all Corporate Bankruptcies are a direct result of employee theft. The main causes of employee theft are attributed to the credit crisis, the struggling housing market and the resulting recession. The rise n home foreclosures, Defaults on loans and bankruptcies are the proof that many people cannot maintain their financial obligations. The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that as much as $50 billion dollars is lost to American Businesses annually as a result of employee theft.

The ways employees steal are too numerous to mention. The most common types of employee theft include cash theft, theft of time, credit and check fraud, Gift Card Loading, Refund Fraud, Under-ringing, Passing Merchandise at the Point of Sale and Discount Abuse. Less common methods include Payroll Fraud, Shipping & Receiving Fraud, Accounts Payable Fraud, Coupon Fraud, Internal Espionage and Price Switching. Regardless of the type of business you are in, your company is suffering losses at the hands of employees. Because of the innumerable ways that employees can cause you loss, it is critical that you develop a well rounded plan to tackle employee theft. A well rounded program must include Training & Awareness, Rewards and Consequences and Preventative Measures. Identifying your most vulnerable areas and developing comprehensive procedures to reduce loss in those areas should be your first step. Call us as soon as you realize you have a problem. Tackle your issues at the earliest opportunity before they snowball and cripple or shut down your business.

“Integrity shops” are intended to observe an employee for honesty and integrity and help form the basis for evaluating the employee's performance . Integrity shops can also be a useful tool if you suspect an employee of dishonesty but are unable or unwilling to install a CCTV system to observe their behavior. Our Investigators can assist you in creating a situation that tests the Integrity of any employee in question.


mystery shopper


The main goal of conducting “Shops” and audits is to detect violations and
weaknesses in the cash handling, point of sale and sales floor policies and
procedures throughout your location. The information obtained by the undercover
agent can be used to identify employees involved in dishonest activities as well
as permit management to respond to procedural opportunities and needs. Audits
can be developed based on the individual needs of each client but many include
looking for violations in areas such as;

• Employee theft (attempted or actual),
• Employee horseplay
• Employee loafing
• Personal belongings in work centers
• Inappropriate use of company vehicles or machines
• Sleeping on the job
• Unauthorized use of cellular phones
• Violations of access controls
• Un-secured lock-up cabinets
• Cash Handling Violations
• Unsafe working conditions
• OSHA violations
• Cleanliness
• Customer Relations


The Loss Prevention Hotline is one tool in our box of solutions for your workplace theft problems. Monument Security, Inc can develop awareness posters that suit your company needs and provide confidential phone services to identify theft in your business. Good loyal employees do not want to see theft occurring at work, but since we know that 75% of employees steal from their work in some way, we know that the likelihood is that in some circumstances it will be noticed by others. The Hotlines is a great way to allow your employees to do right by the company without putting themselves at risk. Let us help you create a safe effective solution to gathering your employees theft tips.
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According to University of Florida criminologist Richard C. Hollinger, Ph.D., who directs the National Retail Security Survey, retailers lost 1.7 percent of their total annual sales to inventory shrinkage last year. The surveyed portion of the retail economy transacts over $1.845 trillion dollars annually, making the loss worth over $31.3 billion. Total inventory shrinkage was down slightly from $32.3 billion in 2000.

With statistics like this, every retailer should do what they can to prevent loss. We offer various solutions that are custom tailored to your individual business. Monument Security provides plain clothes Loss Prevention personnel to assist in the apprehension of shoplifters at your place of business. Our Loss Prevention Agents will respond to instances of shoplifting to your specific directions. Monument Security has the ability to be your Loss Prevention Department, or we can augment your existing department by providing additional support.

Civil Restitution and Collection: In cases of both employee and patron theft, Monument Security and Investigations will provide all necessary services to assist you in the civil restitution process, up to state allowable limits. We function as your collection agent to aid you in the recovery of your losses.

Please contact us and we will assist you in tailoring a plan to save you from unwanted loss.


Experience and statistics have proven that a visible and interactive presence at a store’s entrance can reduce many instances of shoplifting. This interaction and visible presence serves as a psychological deterrent to shoplifting activity. It has proven effective in many retail organizations, as a means of reducing the amount of merchandise that is illegally taken from their stores.

Monument Security can provide uniformed or casually dressed officers who are trained to interact with store patrons as they enter/exit the store. If you choose to use in-store personnel for this type of position, we will consult with you and assist you in developing an effective training and monitoring program.


The recently Published Benchmark Report “Loss Prevention 2010: Retailers Battling Shrink in Tough Times” Published by RSR (Retail Systems Research) Indicate Employee Theft has risen by 28% and Organized Retail Theft (ORC) has risen by 25% as a result of the Economic Downturn. The report identified several Organizational Inhibitors that management who participated in the survey believe are the factors that keep them from reaching their Loss Prevention Goals. In order of importance these include, Expense, Inability to prove ROI, Lack of staff to review LP and audit the data, Inaccurate Inventory Results, Past Initiatives have not generated desired results, Poor Execution and finally, LP is reporting to the wrong executive. The report identified the following actions as the best way to overcoming tha aforementioned obstacles. These ileaky bucketnclude Better Business Intelligence to analyze data, Creative uses for existing equipment, a change in executive opinion, more staff to review reports and data, more information sharing between retailers and better communication of success stories.

Think of your organization as a bucket that holds water. The shrink in your organization is represented by holes in your bucket. If your bucket is full of holes, simply sticking your finger in one is not going to solve the problem of losing the water from your bucket. The only way to stop the leaking is to try to plug all the wholes at once. We can identify the causes of your leaks and help you patch them.

Our Management Team has over 100 years combined experience in Loss Prevention. Let us analyze your losses and determine where you can get the biggest payoff in Loss Prevention Initiatives. Stop blindly grasping at straws and start developing a comprehensive system to combat your growing shrink.

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