Why Choose Monument?

To provide you with responsive and consistent services from people that are trained to look after your people, assets and premises. 
We strive to give you a positive return on your security investment!   

Why Monument

We deliver what you expect from a quality service provider:

• Responsiveness
Our Company is structured to give you a quick and reliable link to our Supervisors, Managers and Corporate Executives
should you need any assistance beyond what the patrol officer is able to provide. Our corporate offices and area managers and
supervisors are in close proximity to our clients to meet with them or support our on-site personnel should the need arise.
Expect to see us often and we operate with a sense of urgency to keep the communication regular and on going.

• Consistent service
We are always there when you need us.
We maintain our own local 24-hour dispatch & communication center at our corporate offices.  

• Field Supervisors & additional Mobile Patrol Officers
are in the area and available on short notice for back up or emergency coverage.

• Well-selected, trained and supervised employees
that earn a professional wage with affordable, quality benefits.

• Reliability
Our employees are licensed, drug tested and a thorough background is completed on everyone.

• Communication
Regular customer meetings with service evaluations (at least monthly),
on-site inspections of our employees and visits to ensure that we are doing what we say we do.

• Use of the Latest Technology
Expanded use of the latest technology in scheduling, payroll, billing, communications, and GPS tracking. 
Monument was recently featured in TIME Magazine “Snooping Bosses” article on 9-11-06 for this!

• Professional Training
for our employees with testing and is provided and documented-we use PSTN and Monument’s own training curriculum-
quarterly refresher training will be available at your location for all officers. 

our CEO’s personal guarantee of quality service and satisfaction-
he and all of our team are pledged to do whatever it takes to win your trust and ensure that you made the right choice!

Service Guarantee



"We very much appreciate the services provided, and especially your responsiveness to our needs. You have more than lived up to the standards set at the beginning of our contractual relationship."
--Vic H. , Insurance Co.
Manager of Business Continuity Programs